VIRGO Season

Let the Stars Dictate Your Style
It's the season to be dressed to perfection. The Sun is in Virgo, the zodiac sign renowned for being meticulous. Virgo's, it's your season, and you'll judge if you want to! We know you will, side-eying your roommates' unpaired sock drawer, year-old toothbrush, and the same unread book collecting dust on the nightstand. The mantra for Virgo is "I choose", and this season is the perfect time for all signs to get their sh*t together. Virgo season offers rest, comfort, and insight into the lessons this year has presented so far and where the healing can begin.

Virgo season (August 23-Sept 22) coincides with the change of seasons, teaching us to move with the beauty and grace of our natural world. Virgo rules the sixth house of wellness and daily routine. Virgo reimagines your regular hustle and clarifies moves to max out experience with minimal effort. It's the season to cut out what isn't working and pair down to the essentials. Virgo season is Hemingway of the zodiac, with an objectivity and directness - not a single word or action is without purpose.

Virgos are symbolized by the virgin, the maiden, but don't take that too literally! They are a sensual Earth sign, the goddesses of wheat and agriculture, perfect unto themselves (sorry, Gluten Free hunnies)! Virgos are natural helpers. They are kind, supportive friends and lovers who use their incredible intellect and resourcefulness for problem-solving. They want to bring out the best in those they love and are willing to do whatever is needed to get them there.

Virgos work hard to come across as effortless and perfect. They long to be meticulous in all pursuits. But Virgos must remember that constantly chasing the ideal can be destructive when applied to themselves or others. Beauty exists within our imperfections, and Virgos need to learn that flaws are not defects. When ill-dignified, Virgo's critical thinking turns into chronic overthinking. This is why they thrive on information and intimate connections.

A Virgo deals with information like a computer, transforming jumbled sets of data into organized, straightforward concepts. They're your friend taking classes, trolling forums, or ferociously reading. This season provides all signs a peek behind the curtain of the Virgo's mind and the work it takes to bring together connectivity, intelligence, and attention to detail. Virgo's have a unique awareness of the games you have to play in life. Virgos are the number one sign for billionaires. They know the prep is a lot harder than the actual work. The secret is to jump in. The perfect moment does not exist.

Celebrate your Virgo pals for making your life that much smoother. Don't try to return the favor though - you'll likely do it wrong - but taking out to them to their most Instagrammed restaurant will do the trick. Let them read their birthday card at home to save them the embarrassment of showing their vulnerability in public! Have you ever seen a Virgo with smudged eye makeup??
the virgin
Ruling Planet
Industrious, quick thinker, stressed, analytical, aestheticist, gossip, imposter syndrome, control freak.
the hermit
Virgo season grounds all the signs. Fire signs are less impulsive, water signs aren't spilling out their emotions, and air signs remember to think before they talk. Don't let this earth energy stagnate you - Virgo can bring the tendency to overwork, overthink or be lethargic and fatalistic under the pressure of how much is to be done. Seek balance. Virgo is a time for slowing down your social life, but only to feed that time into self-care, study, building and refining your talents. Work with intention - not because it fills a void or proves your worth - but because it aids your evolution.

In honor of Virgo season, let's dive into what each sign in the zodiac can learn from the zodiac's directors. Whether you're taking a page from their book on meticulousness, self-care, or getting your sh*t together, there's a quality we can all adopt from Virgo.

ARIES: Avoid the temptation to control or try to change others. You're no villain and have helpful advice. Just remember your tongue is sharp.

TAURUS: There are powerful moments to create magic. It's time to reflect on who you present to the world.

GEMINI: Don't be fooled by things in shiny packaging. Your mercurial qualities will be tested this month. Don't drown yourself in obsessions. Process your feelings literally.

CANCER: Virgo season hurts your feelings. Do not retaliate! The cardinal in you takes you straight from love to control.

LEO: One word: Jetlag. You need to reorganize, rest and recoup.

VIRGO: The Sun is in your sign, and you're shining under the spotlight, drawing new friends and lovers in. Beware of moths trying to stay.

LIBRA: Old flames, flakey friends, or ex-employers will slide back into your texts, DMs, and Linkedin. Why? You're finally focusing on yourself! Don't brush them off, but don't lose focus.

SCORPIO: Stop making assumptions! Your intuition is crazy strong, but you don't know how others feel all the time. Stop guessing - ask them!

SAGITTARIUS: This season breaks your bones to reset them, of Kintsugi - the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold. The scars are strengthening.

CAPRICORN: Underpromise and overdeliver.

AQUARIUS: You have an internal battle. Don't get stuck on a loop in your head. Filter things out and file them away.

PISCES: You heal the slowest. But when you do, it is complete. The understanding you've been seeking is dawning.

For the month of Virgo, dress with discernment to ensure celestial harmony. Virgo's are naturally elegant and precise in their style. They always wear a *look* and coordinated, put-together outfits make them happy. We're not saying you're fussy, but you do have exacting standards about most things, and what better way to show the world how perfect and together you are? Virgo's are our style reminder that the sum is greater than the parts. They are excellent with accessorizing. Pair a perfectly tailored suit with the Medieval Sleeve with Roses for precision and earthly elements, or the Glass Trench over your basics for instant elevation. Lean into greens and grays to keep you grounded through the deeply reflective and self-aware month that is Virgo Season.

See you next time for Libra Season.