Taurus Season

Let the Stars Dictate Your Style
‘Tis the season to get grounded. We’re wrapping up Taurus, the zodiac sign renowned for its epicureanism. Calling for opulence! But Taurus doesn’t have to own everything. Embody the Zodiac’s most generous star sign, and you’ll be in for sensations of comfort and luxury. Let’s see what else we have to learn from Taurus Season.

The start of anything requires a look back to where we’ve come from. The Zodiac and its practice of studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects dates back as far as the 2nd Millennium BCE. This makes it one of the oldest practices of discerning information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

Each Zodiac Season, we’re curating a digital fashion collection inspired by each Zodiac sign’s unique characteristics. Each piece is a visual representation of the unique characteristics and energetics contained within each sign - a Talisman to empower the wearer. They are designed for you to embody your sign’s energy or embrace another.

This visual manifestation of each sign is our way of bringing age-old wisdom into the 21st century.

Now let’s explore the sign that has put its mark on us this month: TAURUS.
Ruling Planet
Taurus season is in the thick of the Spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern. Taurus gives us a moment to ground ourselves in the witnessing of a new astrological year. Bouncing off the tail of Aries, the blossoming, growth, and freshness continue. It also allows us to find comfort in our new energetic, verbal, or action-oriented intentions set during Aries season.

Take an opportunity to remind yourself of all that you’ve asked for. Specificity is essential. Focusing on the essence and overarching feeling of any intention set continues your work of bringing new manifestations into fruition. Keep your expectations low and generosity high. Your faith in ways the universe can surprise you is key.

Taurus is one of three of our beloved earth signs. The ones who keep us grounded, present, and focused on what really matters — our relationships with each other and our relationship with the natural world.

Communication and relationship-oriented, Taurians make it easy on the rest of us by taking the pressure off any awkward, uncomfortable conversations. They take pride in being the center of the crowd, with an ability to take charge and set direction with ease, grace, and style.

Give thanks for this most spiritual of signs. They aren’t the sacred bull for no reason. Taurians make decisions with wisdom, conviction, and thoughtfulness. Their loyalty and presence are here to breathe faith back into the humanity of us all.
Be generous with your time, words, actions, and gifts.

Be decisive.
Ground yourself.
Walk barefoot outside
(urban sweeties, hit a park.)
Now is the time to channel that poignant and unique sense of style a Taurus baby always brings to the table. They’re always ready to impress, feel fabulous, over-indulge in all the best of everything… & be stubborn about it. That’s what we love from a Venus-placed sign.

The transition seasons of Spring and Fall bring an energy that moves us to break open our energy channels and motivates us to get out and enjoy everything that nature offers us. Taurus Season is here to motivate us to move from the walls of our personal domains and out into the wider world.

Go ahead, Taurus angels! Go off with your fab selves!

And stay tuned for our next release — Gemini.