Poolside with Sakidasumi

record sling

Boorloo (Perth, Australia) based Sakidasumi is a multi-faceted artist shifting between sound engineering, singing, songwriting, digital editing, and creative direction. If you think that’s a mouthful, you only need to sit down with the girl to see this is just the appetizer.

Sakidasumi newest track Wondering Where I’ll Go is about all the times she’s poured her love into someone and had it not be reciprocated, rather than pouring all the love into herself. This song will resonate with anyone who has lived with the question of who they’ll be on their own if they let their ‘someone’ go.

Each raw feeling, every beautiful thing she sees and hears, Sakidasumi channels into her art. So naturally, we met up with her to find out what 4 records shook her core and defined her life, perception of self, and sound. Pull your turntable out and bikini on - we’re slinging records poolside with Sakidasumi.
CAPRISONGS by FKA TWIGS — FKA Twigs has always been seen as a delicate angel you can look at but never touch. With Caprisongs, FKA Twigs descends down to Earth. I could resonate with a lot of what FKA Twigs is expressing about self-love through this record. In a Forbidden Fruits episode, she describes that she’s designed a creative method called “pure play”, which is now a part of my creative process.
TRINITY by EARTHEATER — 2019 was a point of transition for me to embrace my femininity and sexuality. Trinity exposed me to a whole new genre of music. “Supersoaker” is the first track I listened to on the record. The concept behind the song, created in such a playful way, was inspiring. I soaked up all the confidence and sensuality that came with it.
CTRL by SZA — Ctrl has a special place in my heart. Through the record, SZA took the time to reflect on her past relationships with men and herself. It taught me to take time to reflect on my life and pour it into art. I also resonate with SZA as she was raised in a Muslim family, and we share the same birthday ????!
AMNIOVERSE by LAPALUX — I was seeing someone when Amnioverse arrived. This someone and I had a shared interest in music and found that our music tastes complemented each other, even dating back to pre-teenagers. Lapalux is an artist we both love. Amnioverse is celestial, big, and enables me to breathe, reset and be humble. This record feels like the universe. It marks a time when I was reaching the end of my young adult years and seeping into a new beginning for Sakidasumi.
Photography by George Keogh @bonegronk