Sagittarius Season

Let the Stars Dictate Your Style
It's the season to dress with spontaneity. The Sun is in Sagittarius, the zodiac sign renowned for being the wild child of the zodiac. Sagittarians, it's your season, and you’ll live with no filter if you want to! We know you will, spilling the tea all over the place. The mantra for Sagittarius is "I will", and this season is the perfect time for all signs to think less and do more. Sagittarius season offers a time for leaning into desire and taking more risks.

Sagittarius season (November 23-December 22) will allow us to move forward and feel freer with our time and energy. Scorpio season may have allowed us to understand what we don't want in our lives, but Sagittarius helps us know what we do want - through many trials and testing! Sagittarius rules the sixth house of Jupiter - the planet of abundance- so go big or go home. That's Jupiter is all about excess, expanding everything it touches.

Sagittarius reimagines your inner world by focusing on your outer world. It's the season to grab opportunities, and trust your gut. Scorpio season realigned you with your inner wisdom. Now it's time to put thought into action. It's a fantastic time to study, create new projects, and expand your horizons with new connections and travel. As a fire sign, Sagittarians are guided by a strong instinct that keeps them moving towards new experiences, trusting life's journey. Sagittarius is the only mutable fire sign making those falling under the sign flexible, adaptable, and expressive. The season provides room for experimentation and risk-taking. Maintain faith in yourself and the connections around you.

Sagittarians are effortlessly magnetic, wild optimists who easily attract friends and lovers with their raw and real humor. Sagittarians speak the truth. They could tell it more circuitously, but that's not important to them. They want realness. They pity no fools. If they're a mess, they are the rock star mess. If they're together, they are the most together.

Scorpio season was a little intense for everyone as we explored the depths of our minds and hearts. Sagittarius brings back the season of parties. This season is best spent opening up to new people, places, and experiences. Gather stories and travel. Expand your confidence and optimism and rediscover your passions.

Sagittarians are symbolized by the Archer and have a forward focus, always pushing forward physically and mentally. The Temperance card is the tarot card associated with the card. It exists as a reminder to find moderation and peace within. Understanding yourself and the world takes time.

When ill-dignified, Sagittarians can come across as pretentious or arrogant. They know a lot, but they don't know everything. They live life loudly without a filter, which can make them perceived as obnoxious and opinionated. They can be led by desires, make rash decisions in haste, and become flakey and unreliable. The key is to stay open-minded and understand that everyone has a different point of view, one from which you can learn and expand.
the archer
Ruling Planet
Lively, optimistic, righteous, reckless, honest, assertive, risk-taker, hilarious.
Sagittarius season encourages all signs to leave their comfort zone and be more ambitious. Earth signs learn to take a break from practical habits and responsibilities, water signs learn to let go, and air signs become more instinctual. Don't let this fiery energy burn you out. If you have been waiting for the right time to step forward into work or your relationships, Sagittarius is the best and luckiest season.

In honor of Sagittarius season, let's dive into what each sign can learn from the zodiac's wild child. Whether you're taking a page from their book on calculated risk-taking and endless optimism, there's a quality we can all adopt from Sagittarius.

Aries: Embrace the new! Travel or approach life with the fresh eyes a new location offers.

Taurus: This is a sexy ass season for Taurus. Tread lightly. You're basically guaranteed to catch feels.

Gemini: Plot your glorious rebirth inch by inch.

Cancer: We know you love routine and hate surprises. Too bad! You're about to be dragged out of your rut.

Leo: Make the first move for once in your life.

Virgo: Tending to the fire takes a lot of attention. Don't be obsessive. Trust that things can stay alight with you.

Libra: A wave of new connections is coming to your shore. The social side of your scales is heavy! Trust yourself to rebalance later.

Scorpio: You know what's up after Scorpio season. Sculpt your thoughts into being.

Sagittarius: You're running a race alone. Pause and have the guts to tell people what you need from them. You won't lose momentum.

Capricorn: Stop focusing on reaching the top. This month helps you understand the journey that matters.

Aquarius: Get real. If you feel like you'll be criticized or judged, Sagittarius will bring new people who like your brand of weird.

Pisces: It's crunch time. If you don't know what you're doing - people will start noticing. If you do - people will start noticing!

For the month of Sagittarius, dress daringly to ensure celestial harmony. Sagittarians are naturally brave and reckless in their style. They're the punks of the zodiac. Sagittarians are our style reminder that your best looks can be the ones you just throw together after you sleep through your alarm clock.

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