Special Items allows you to sustainably wear the clothing which speaks to you in the now.

We could no longer justify buying physical garments for a moment in time. It seemed wasteful, self-indulgent. This left a gap in our wardrobes and our hearts. We craved items which expressed our current, wild and wonderful selves. This is where Special Items comes in.

In real life, you dress for utility, selecting items which serve a purpose and are lasting. Meanwhile, in the metaverse, your digital self has the freedom to be expressive with limitless new fashion items. All this without the negative impacts disposable “fast fashion” has on the natural world.
Special Items is a tool for play and self-discovery. Being you is an art form no one else can master. You contain multitudes. Your identity is not fixed. Be a fashion chameleon. Stop wearing boring sh*t.

Special Items is a tool for presenting yourself online in a radically authentic way without the environmental and societal costs faced by the physical fashion industry. The current fashion orthodoxy and our craving for new, revolving and ever-evolving identities is hurting the natural systems that sustain us. We believe digital fashion gifts the key to a new epoch of expression.

The fixed identities we once held on to in order to be understood in the world are slowly being edged out. Change is a part of life. And we encourage it. The world has become more fast-paced. We’re changing careers and shifting roles. We see life as more fluid and free. What we once thought must be fixed is now ever-evolving.

Our digital identities are fast becoming as significant to our public persona as our physical presence. Our physical lives become increasingly intertwined with our digital selves. We are thoughtful about our online impressions, from cultivating your Instagram aesthetic to constructing your professional persona on LinkedIn.

We hand-select special items for you to explore and celebrate your identity, your multitudes, be it a replica of your IRL identity or a very different expression of self.