We live and breathe fashion. We know the transformative power of a great outfit and understand the art and time behind its ideation.

Our founding team is a New York fashion fam. We met and worked together in luxury fashion houses and ateliers. We've spent endless late nights wired from jetlag, drinking Modelos and mezcal, cooking meals, dancing to disco and deep-diving into all that we loved and were troubled by in the industry. Through it all, we were always led by optimism.

We are diehards for the craft, art and potential to build community and connectivity through fashion. We have a reverence for its history and are looking to the future for sustainable and ethical solutions.

Understanding our industry is pivotal for us. Digital Fashion is in its infancy. We want to ensure that what we are building is offering real solutions to the issues we have faced working across the physical fashion industry.

We are passionate about creating respect and educating the public about digital craftship. Creating luxury digital fashion items takes intricate knowledge of design and incredible detail, and we believe it is equally artful to creating physical fashion. Our Diary exists to provide insight into this space.

The current system is not working for the people and the planet. We believe the adoption of digital fashion is a vital channel for change.