We believe that Special Items can create a new form of connectivity. Our focus on collaboration allows us to foster an emerging generation of creatives to rethink and challenge the fashion orthodoxy. We’re working to educate, connect and break down barriers of entry and of the mind for individuals, designers and industry.

Special Items shrinks the distance between user and designer. We serve as a portal to connect the two; one cannot exist without the other. We love the play that happens between digital designs and user implementation.

We are passionate about providing a window into the design process of our digital creators. Our designer interviews allow our users to understand what motivates them to enter the metaverse, the inspirations behind their works and provides insight into the intricate design process. This highlights the value of digital fashion and allows users to connect to the designer’s story.

Digital Fashion provides the solution for connecting designers to their community of fashionistas and fans sustainably and efficiently. Digital Fashion offers incredible opportunities for sustainable online exposure and influencer gifting.

There is a huge amount of waste that goes into seeding influencers and tapping into social media marketing. Garments are sent out to influencers to post, who typically wear the product once and never again. With digital fashion, you are one click away from the product.
“FEEL FREE BE FREE” By Anja leice
Special Items is a reimagined space. All voices share the same volume in creating, sharing and inspiring a reimagined world of fashion and expression.

More users and designers can seamlessly enter the digital fashion market. You can own a couture design for a lower cost. Designers can have their creations on the market with far less expense. This democratizes fashion by empowering creatives and users to engage intimately with the art of fashion and self-expression.

Digital fashion can empower creatives and our customers to engage and interact with couture fashion and its creation. We want to provide a platform where the imagination is ignited and your sense of self enhanced. We want to bridge a global community of fashion and art lovers and foster collaboration.
Our digital items are universal. Regardless of size, shape, gender identity, or physical ability, everyone can and should wear anything they love. Our digital fashion labels provide genderless, sizeless pieces.
We started Special Items to create an equitable space and experience for all our users. Special Items are a body-positive organization committed to dressing all bodies with care and respect.

Individuals who find it hard to dress for their size and shape, those living with a disability, the LGBTQI+ community, and anyone who wants to explore new modes of identity unrestrained by traditional roles, expectations and limitations are welcome. And, we hope, empowered by Special Items.

We custom tailor to all bodies. This means inclusivity for every body. Drape and fit are just as key on a 3D model as in a physical garment. Whatever your dream piece is, we will always strive to make it fit like a glove. We respect you and our designers and pride ourselves on our expert digital tailoring.

We respect your religious beliefs. Special Items will tailor our garments to fit with physical garments sacred to you and your religious identity. We respect that clothing is an important symbol of religious identification.

We created our space free from judgements and bias. You are free to explore and be who you are.