We create a sensory online experience, expanding into new realities for self and creators, IRL and URL.

Digital Fashion is a synthetic representation of a garment or accessory using a method of pure virtualisation, photogrammetry or a combination of both. A digital creation follows the same fine detail and construction as a physical fashion piece. Many digital fabrications are entirely custom and would be physically impossible to build.

Digital Fashion items go beyond the boundaries of what is real. They expand the imagination and make the impossible possible. Garments can be constructed from digital moving water, glass, sand, constellations.

We partner with designers who agree that digital fashion is meaningful for expanding identity and emotivity and who lead with a human touch. Those who love the textural, the granular, and blend the intricacies of traditional couture with the infinite possibilities and capabilities of technology.

We love designers who use traditional processes of the atelier to create digital designs. Technology is the tool to bring the imagination to life.

This creates the suspension of disbelief, where designs contain both digital and physical presence.
We are looking to the digital world as a place for limitless possibilities and creativity, harnessing the imagination, our inner worlds, and creating something to better the real world. Digital fashion is fun, empowering and ecological, and our curation of Special Items exist to delight wearers. We see a new world of opportunity opening ahead of us.

We believe the state of the industry is broken. It is saturated and polarized. We exist to break away from the current narrative and facilitate the changes needed for a better future.

The aim of digital fashion isn’t to replace real-world garments altogether. That would involve a lot of IRL nudity, which we’re all for, but maybe not 24/7. Digital and Physical garments work in complement, with digital pieces giving you, creators and designers a chance to try things without the constraints of the real world.

We’re under no false pretense that digital fashion can provide a blanket solution to all environmental issues. Still, we are optimistic that it can be a tool for reducing the impact of the global fashion industry. When adopted in unison with circular business models, we believe digital fashion has the potential to better our world.

We don't have all the answers but are steadfast in our vision to champion new technology, rhetoric and ethical practices to help reshape the global fashion industry. We will not cease in our search for better solutions; asking questions, sharing our knowledge, and finding hope in every creative corner we look.

The driving force behind this movement is that we care for you, our industry, the livelihood of humankind, our ecosystem and the future of planet earth. We invite you to creatively participate in our vision to enhance the safe care of our amazing planet.