Libra Season

Let the Stars Dictate Your Style
It’s the season to be dressed with balance. The Sun is in Libra, the zodiac sign known as the social sign. Libra’s, it’s your season, and you’ll be indecisive if you want to! And we know you will - spending an hour deciding where to eat, weeks on your birthday guest list, and holding up check-out lines as you select your gum flavor. If Libra were a sound, it would be “hmmm”. The mantra for Libra is “I harmonize”, and this season is the perfect time for all signs to find balance within themselves and with others. Libra season offers cooperation, the moving forward of partnerships, and a focus on relationships.

Libra season (Sept 23-Oct 22) is ruled by the 7th house. Unlike the 5th, the house of sex, pleasure, and desires, the 7th is the house of marriage and committed or contractual partnering. It shines a light on what we need in our relationships or the patterns we continue to move within. Librans are the most ‘we’ oriented people in the zodiac, often highly empathic and naturally make people feel comfortable.

They are natural connectors. Librans are the matchmakers of the zodiac. The diplomats, dealmakers, and peacemakers. They are the perfect person to reach out to when you need a recommendation or referral. With Libras, it’s always who they know, not what they know, that brings them to their next opportunity. They do not prey on nepotism. They’re focused on being good to people, and don’t forget when you’re good to them. They are aware, invested, and obliged, weighing all options. Librans get their way by charm and misdirection, not force.

Libra is connected to Venus, a lover of the arts, beauty, shopping, art, music, and poetry. It is the season to be loving with family, friends, partners, and yourself and to share convivial conversations about your passion for high art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship. When all is said and done, Librans are motivated by love and searching for connection. They are the people in your lives who are always in relationships, jumping from one to the next. The libra’ mask’ hides the deep need for other people to feel whole and balanced.

Librans have a highly nuanced mind as a cardinal air sign. Air is cerebral and requires mental balance. Their brains are constantly evolving, their beliefs fluid, and Librans become bored quickly by anyone unmovable in their opinions. They often swing between extremes or can be procrastinators, but a well-dignified libra will be considered and wise in their consideration. Libra season has a great influence on all others to be open to others who help broaden your perspective.
the scales
Ruling Planet
Mutable, Extroverted, Cooperative, Indecisive, Balanced, Loving, People Pleasing, Charming, Diplomatic, Conflict Avoidant.
Libra season is about exploring Venusian delights and finding a balance between your craving for others and focusing on self. Your body, mind, and world are constantly seeking equilibrium in flux. You may feel pulled to study the dao. When relating and collaborating, factor yourself and others into your decisions. Do not look to others to find yourself or distract yourself in other people. Find your center. Old lessons will resurface, and old relationships revisited. Focus on being equitable and spend time with people who are like-minded in their generous spirit. Your life is trying to recalibrate, and Libra season is encouraging that. Approach this season with humility, integrity, and love. Even the upheavals are a gift.

In honor of Libra season, let's dive into what each sign in the zodiac can learn from the zodiac's connectors. Whether you're taking a page from their book on the art of conversation, generosity, or being open to change, there's a quality we can all adopt from Libra.

ARIES: Let the air out of the pressure cooker before it starts to whistle.

TAURUS: All work and no play makes for an unhappy cosmic bull. You’ll be more productive if you make wellness and connection a priority.

GEMINI: Prioritize passion. Creativity, hobbies, and love will increase your optimism.

CANCER: Throw a dinner party!

LEO: Even casual conversations can open new doors and offer helpful perspectives. Listen and engage.

VIRGO: Find a quiet spot and let your tears wash the panic away.

LIBRA: Read your birthday cards. Work to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and remember who resides behind the masks.

SCORPIO: Be a loner. Go on.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t fight fire with fire. Feeling wronged isn’t an invitation to do wrong.

CAPRICORN: There is fertile ground to be found in the chaos. Focus on collaborative invention and ingenuity.

AQUARIUS: Feed your craving for new ideas and things, and explore places that broaden your perspective on life. Stimulate your most visionary interests.

PISCES: Put your phone on airplane mode and connect with natural light > blue light. What’s your natural rhythm?

For the month of Libra, dress with balance to ensure celestial harmony. Librans are fantastic at knowing how to dress for every situation, blending in or standing out to the degree they decide. Librans are well-versed in mixing patterns, prints, and layers to create unique yet balanced looks. Librans are our style reminder that the harmony of pieces is key to style. The cool, calm, collected sign favors relaxation and comfort in physical style and can lean into the digital realm to slide the scale into extravagant looks. Dress in the soft pastels of the Bad Girl Bodysuit, parallel prints of the Puffy Suit, and the symmetrical silhouette of the Stardust Jumpsuit. Study up on color combinations to maintain your equilibrium during the social and rebalancing month that is Libra Season.

See you next time for Scorpio Season.