leo Season

Let the Stars Dictate Your Style
It’s the season to dress with dramaaa! The Sun is in Leo, the zodiac sign renowned for being extra. Happy Solar Return, Leo! Yes, the spotlight is finally on you. The mantra for Leo is “I will,” and this season is the perfect time for all signs to jump into the driver’s seat of their lives and take charge.

Leo season (July 22 - August 23) is a fixed fire sign, which means a condensed accumulation of the power of fire, the element of action and motion. It’s the perfect time to start or launch projects and follow through on endeavors. As the Sun moves through Leo, all signs feel a stronger sense of self. You’re assured of your convictions and driven to be the architect of your life.

Leo Season 2022 begins with Mercury meeting the Sun. The sun allows for honest self-expression, and Mercury, the planet of communication, joins in the fun. You’ll feel you can speak candidly and be your true self. Saturday, July 23, also brings nurturing asteroid Ceres into your sign, Leo, activating your inner child. Break out some wild looks, wail at karaoke, dance your ass off, and focus on fun!

Leo’s energy tends to run hot and bright. Their planetary ruler is the Sun - the ego aspect of the Leo. All the planets revolve around the sun, so those falling under the sign can suffer from main-character syndrome. They can be arrogant and take up space; many Leos could take it down a notch. They suffer from an unshakable craving to put themselves at the center. The solar system won’t fall apart if you take a day off, Leo. But the world can feel a whole lot lighter with a Leo by your side!

Leo’s do best when they embrace collaboration. If you put energy into celebrating, amplifying, and centering your community and yourself, you’ll tap into your highest power. Leos often have hero energy. They’re probably the first person you call when you need help.

Leos embody the Strength card in the Tarot, a card of courage, self-discipline, determination, and passion. The sign of Leo governs the heart. A well-adjusted Leo leads their life with a strong spine and soft chest. They will always take the risk. They give hard advice and can be straight-up savage, but it all comes from a place of love. Leos can’t stand seeing their favorite people doubt themselves or be mistreated.

The work of the Leo is to be a proud and magnanimous leader. But they should remember to lead by example, not by roaring orders. Their courage is the courage to love, sometimes in a way that may be a little extra! Keeping their inner fire in check, the love of a Leo is loyal, empowering, and deeply passionate. Don’t fear vulnerability, Leo. Learn how to tame the lion within. Don’t get wrapped up in the thrill of the hunt.

the Lion
Ruling Planet
the Sun
Vivacious, theatrical, passionate, fearless, born to rule, desires recognition, generous, self-exacting, main-character syndrome
Leo rules the fifth house, the house in charge of creation, recreation, and procreation. Leo season focuses on pleasure, romance, self-expression, and amusement. Leo is drama. Leo is flair. Leos wants to turn everything into an event - especially during their season. They love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate themselves, so get ready for an influx of party invitations! RSVP and gifts are mandatory, cancellations non-optional.

In honor of Leo season, let’s dive into what each sign can learn from the zodiac’s ruler. Whether you’re taking a page from their book on enthusiasm for life, scheduling me time, or screwing what others expect of you, there’s a quality that everyone can adopt from Leos.

ARIES: Romance, sex, and fun are on fire this month, Aries. Use protection!

TAURUS: You’re in the mood for speaking up. Mars, the planet of war, is in your sign for, and you are suffering no fools!

GEMINI: Your mouth is a powerful thing. If you have something to say, say it— Tell long-winded stories! Flirt! We’re all ears.

CANCER: Go back into hiding. Venus, the planet of home, is in your sign most of Leo season. You’re at liberty to go back into hiding and only allow VIP access.

LEO: Embrace your inner Lioness and hunt! Just make sure you want your prey. No one wants to feel like your leftovers.

VIRGO: Stop stressing about what everyone needs. What do you want?

LIBRA: Oh la la, you’re just so popular this month, Libra. Don’t get a big head!

SCORPIO: You better work, Scorpio! Your career is in the spotlight. Say yes to overtime, the new project, and step up. You’ll be rewarded.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re feeling yourself! Fire activates your truest and best self. Channel your newfound confidence into creativity; art, music, love, dance.

CAPRICORN: Leo heightens your craving for loyalty and strengthening bonds. The super-emotional, erotic vibe is perfect for intimacy. Be prepared for deep feels.

AQUARIUS: Leo is your opposite, so you have the most to learn this season. Go out and show off. Don’t dim your light. Seek pleasure, liberation, and excitement.

PISCES: Be self-centered. Focus on yourself and prioritize self-care; body, mind, and soul. Whether that means yoga, a new profile picture, or partying until dawn is up to you.

For the month of Leo, dress to be extra to ensure celestial harmony. Leos use their wardrobe as a performance. Whatever mood strikes, wear it. Leos are the Kings and Queens of the zodiac jungle. They love the finer things. Lean into luxurious fabrics, jewels, and golden tones. Be regal AF in Hadeeart’s gowns with trains that take up the whole damn room. Drape yourself in Faux Fur and flurry trims. But would a Leo drape themselves in their prey’s fur? Hell no! Keep it digital, and may we all be living this Leo Season.

See you next time for Virgo Season.