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A Day in LA with Killa Kate + Yoko
Kate Ahn is a Korean-American model, artist, and dog mom born and raised in California, USA. From her strict, conservative upbringing, where boyfriends were banned and sex was off the table, Kate developed a hyper “f**k this, I’m going to do what I want to.” attitude. From this parental rebellion, she has built a thriving art career that at once celebrates her Korean heritage along with all things explicit and taboo. The result is graphic and sexy painted works that express a complex and uniquely Kate energy that make her the perfect fit for the welcoming channel of self-expression digital fashion invites. Kate loves living in LA, and how each neighborhood feels like a completely new world, so she took us on a tour of her favorite spots, with her Chiweenie Yoko along for the ride! We returned the favor by introducing her and Yoko to some of our favorite designers. Since Kate loves to play with contradiction, she puts the cherry on top of her shoot by donning a gleaming phallus dress at the home store, where she buys her slippers. Enjoy!

I go to this Korean market all the time to get my groceries. My favorite thing to pick up is ja ja myun (black bean noodles). I’m a horrible cook, but these are pre-packaged, so I can make them. I always have to restock on my Pretz and kimchi here, too, and get spam to make kimchi fried rice. I’m a savory girl. I chose LUCII’s Glass Trench for my trip to the grocery shopping because wearing a sexy trench at the grocery is hot. I love how it looks like I’m literally wearing blue glass, which could never be duplicated if it was a real piece. Yoko is wearing rocking metallic blue too in the Spike Pet wearable from Olivia Goodall’s Spiked Collection.

I wore Don Kaka’s Mumtaz Mahal coat to my art store in downtown LA. And Yoko too! This piece looks like a painted landscape to me. From artist to artist, I can tell the person who made this probably hangs out in art stores. I love the textures of the coat. It’s super real and tactile. This is where I go to buy huge canvases ready to go. I’m not a big fan of stretching my own. It’s a lot of work. I’m also obsessed with the jeans I’m wearing in the photo, and I feel like they made a cool look. Yoko clearly agrees.

This is my favorite little home store in LA. I don’t know the name. But they have Tupperware and slippers here. I have concrete floors, so my feet get cold, and it’s difficult to keep these floors clean with Yoko! I’m embracing some penis power at the home store because why not. I chose Disco Balls by 143 Dress because it’s kind of explicit, but it’s so cute. And Yoko may be at her cutest too in this little Space Bud look. I also love disco and the studio 54 era. Everyone could just be and express themselves. Parties aren’t like that anymore. I really look up to Andy Warhol. He struggled with feeling like the art world never really took him seriously, and I find comfort in knowing that.

This is a little K-town park we walk around pretty often because Yoko loves it. She’s been running around and going crazy in it since she was a puppy. It’s a great walking spot. I don’t like nature so much. I like nature, if I’m in like, Jamaica, the full experience of waterfalls and cool insects. But do I go hiking in LA? No. I chose the Supernova Dress and Martian Pet looks by Burbush in honor of Yoko because we can be matching. I feel like we would look amazing walking around the park. And this look is perfect for dog walking. If I have to pick up some poo, I got gloves on already!
Interview: Sally Paton
Imagery: Courtesy of Kate Ahn
Date: May 1st, 2022