gemini Season

Let the Stars Dictate Your Style
It's the season to dress with duality. The Sun is in Gemini, the zodiac sign renowned for its two faces. But is that so bad? We all contain contradictions and multiplicities. Gemini season is the perfect time for all signs to lean into their light and darker side.

Gemini's are symbolized by the twins. Those born under the sign are known for their ability to light up the room, stoke a conversation and play social chameleon with their multidimensional personalities. Gemini's are often unpredictable and a little all over the place. But are they magnetic! They are curious, inquisitive, love mental stimulation and are constantly fighting boredom. After all, they're an air sign, the element that rules the realm of the mind.

When a Gemini crosses over to the dark side, their mischievous side comes out. They're observant as hell, sarcastic and are masters of black comedy. When ill-dignified, Gemini's natural charm (combined with the Mercurial tendency toward sociopathic behavior) can be wielded towards manipulation. They can be impulsive with words and actions - case in point - renowned Gemini's Trump and Kanye. If they miss their bite, they break their jaw. It’s all about balancing the dark with light.

Gemini's, this year so far has been about letting go, surrender and release, potentially around love or the expectations you put on it. You’ve gone through the final eclipse in your sign this year and are primed for your karmic payoff! It's your season, a time for self-actualization and focusing on yourself(ves).
the twins
Ruling Planet
charming, mischevious, inquisitive, complex, unpredictable & kinda weird
the lovers
Mercury, the planet of communication, rules outgoing and mutable Gemini. This time of year is for fast-talking, stimulating conversations, and embracing your inner social chameleon. Gemini Season encourages all signs to be adaptable, flexible, and open-minded.

In honor of Gemini season, let's dive into what each sign in the zodiac can learn from these charming Twins. Whether you’re taking a page from their book on mutability and witticism, or exploring your alter-egos, there's a quality that every one of us can adopt from Gemini.

ARIES: Experiment! Try on new men, women, jobs, and hobbies. You'll probably lose interest, but hey, maybe one will stick? Probably not.

TAURUS: Get out of your default brain network. Bring the esoteric into your practical life.

GEMINI: It's your season, baby. Self-actualise. The stars are ready for you. Listen to your body.

CANCER: Being avoidant will not work this month. Rip off the bandaid.

LEO: All signs are activating under Gemini, and they're stealing the show. Learn to sit back or find a new audience and collaborate.

VIRGO: Like Gemini, you're ruled by Mercury. Expect deeper conversations, a full inbox, and texts from 'that' ex. Lean into your curiosity.

LIBRA: Just take the damn pottery class already.

SCORPIO: Gemini season has forced you out of the sensual and into your brain. It's weird in there. But take a seat - It can be a treat if you don't judge it.

SAGITTARIUS: Go on all of the dates. All of them.

CAPRICORN: Please finish your mental to-do list.

AQUARIUS: It's a month for new ideas, and you're full of them. With your determination at the helm, shit is about to get lit. Fortune favors the bold.

PISCES: Gemini is the most intellectual sign, so put your emotions aside and think hard. Learn from all the uncomfortable lessons being thrown your way.

Geminis use their interest in fashion and self-presentation to communicate originality, personality, and zest. We have hand-selected a fashion edit to explore and celebrate Gemini's complex, multiplicitous energy. It’s all about light and dark, angels and devils, and the soft and spiney. Explore your inner dwellings, desires, and darkness through your digital self. Being you is an art form no one else can master. Gemini Season is a time for play and self-discovery for us all!

See you next time for Cancer Season.