cancer Season

Let the Stars Dictate Your Style
It’s the season to dress with feeling. The Sun is in Cancer, the zodiac sign renowned for being sensi. Cancer, it’s your season, and you can cry if you want to! We know you will, at the sad movie, your parking ticket, or because *they* bought the wrong brand of almond milk. The mantra for Cancer is “I Feel,” and this season is the perfect time for all signs to dig a little deeper and master your emotions.

Cancer season (June 21 - July 22) always starts in a mystic spirit as it coincides with the Summer and Winter solstice (depending on your hemisphere). It is believed that on this shortest or longest day of the year, the veil between dimensions is thin, granting access to the spirit world. This means amplified psychic abilities, so pull out your tarot deck and start the season with some magic.

Cancers are symbolized by the crab. Yes. A mother fuckin’ crab. There are some big-ass scary crabs in this world. But we see Cancerians as lil’ beach crabs with pincers, a tough exoskeleton, and a sweet and tender inside. They’re a water sign, the element ruling the realm of emotions. You never quite know which mood you’ll find them in due to their quicksilver emotional states. Cancers cry when they laugh and laugh when they cry. Get used to it, and ride the waves. Cancer Suns are also the most conflict-avoidant sign. I can see them scurrying away along the beach now.

Cancerians are often portrayed as the Moon goddess - a deeply intuitive person who inhabits divine feminine energy. They can play a mothering role or healer in their relationships, keeping everyone on track, assisting loved ones with their emotional granularity, and creating space for big conversations. No other sign has this genuine understanding of human nature. Cancers love their homes and make them cozy and welcoming to all. They often play host to dinner parties and consider every sense in curating a space; scent, touch, sight, and sound. Their heightened sensitivity is your gateway to creature comforts.

When ill-dignified, Cancerians have a reputation for being hyper-emotional, temperamental, dramatic, and attention-seeking. Their instinctive ability to sniff out secrets can also make them oversensitive. This trait can cause them more relationship woes than they realize. Paranoia will destroy ya, Cancer. When unbalanced, they are the wizards of passive aggression and emotional manipulation. Ever confront a Cancer and leave the situation feeling like you’re the villain? You just got Cancered. No, you’re the villain, Cancer king George W. Bush!
the crab
Ruling Planet
the moon
Mind Reader, Healer, Creative, Moody, Intuitive, Spiteful, Doting, Possessive
the chariot
The Moon, the planet of emotions, rules compassionate and caring Cancer. This time of year is for reflecting on your relationships, swimming in the sea, and having intimate gatherings. Cancer Season encourages all signs to listen to their gut, acknowledge their emotions, and act. Don’t retreat into your lil’ crab shell. Feel the hard shit! What are they telling you about people, situations, and experiences in your life?

In honor of Cancer season, let’s dive into what each sign can learn from the zodiac’s healer. Whether you’re taking a page from their book on tenderness, heightened intuition, and tuning into others’ emotional frequencies, there’s a quality that every one of us can adopt from Cancer.

ARIES: Please, just commit to something.

TAURUS: Ask a water sign for sex advice. You don’t know *everything*.

GEMINI: Time for secrets. Tell your close friend about that time you robbed the video store. They’ll open right back.

CANCER: Avoid people totally led by rationality. If they tell you the facts one more time… Where are their hearts? You are a ~feeler~ as much as a thinker. Where is your emo squad at?

LEO: Cancer and Leo have an insatiable appetite for sympathy, pampering, protection, and compassion. Fake an injury, send an SOS, and get your massage oil ready.

VIRGO: Soak in the bath, wear your PJs all day, laze about, guzzle whatever you like, and throw a self-pity party. This is your doctor’s note.

LIBRA: Get deep and connect with your roots. Reread a formative book, prioritize close friends and set some nourishing routines. Less is more this month.

SCORPIO: This is a great time to have some deep, connected intimacy. Listen to your loved ones. Play the giver.

SAGITTARIUS: Beautify your world. Rearrange your art collection, buy fresh sheets; think beyond aesthetics to all the sensory delights.

CAPRICORN: Throw out your to-do list and embrace some romance! Light some candles, flirt at the bar, put your tongue down their throat.

AQUARIUS: Organize a group of friends to pick up trash on the beach. A heart-led charitable project will nourish you. Nothing is pointless.

PISCES: Cancer season intensifies your pathological need for intense relationships. Expand the borders of your mind this month. What is loneliness to you?

For the month of Cancer, dress cozy and in tune with your mood to ensure celestial harmony. Cancerians are innately creative and imaginative and love beautiful things. They are very sentimental. Their clothes are entrenched in history, so play with phygital styling by pairing vintage and digital. Connect to the tides and currents. Favor fluid fabrications and soft silhouettes. Be the emotional buoy in the Inflatable Dress, drip with falling tears in the Far Our Droplet bodysuit, and be a mermaid in the Neo Xaman Bell Bottom. Lean into moody ocean blues, grays, and white to keep yourself tranquil through the emotional onslaught that is Cancer Season.

See you next time for Leo Season.